Virtual Private Hosting Services

Need more flexibility than a Shared Hosting plan but not financially ready for a dedicated server? Want more control and freedom without the burden of higher costs? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an excellent solution for your business needs. Shared hosting services might start becoming too restrictive as your business starts to expand.

Upgrading to VPS is the next logical step if you’re looking for a hosting solution that caters to your growing business needs.

VPS Built to Perform

Starting at $37.50/month…


Configure CPU core count, total RAM, and storage


High-grade infrustructure & industry leading network


Global network connected & controlled as if in one rack

What is VPS?

Basically a server running within a server, a VPS hosts multiple, individually isolated virtual servers in one physical server. Each VPS runs on its own operating system and can be rebooted independently. Software known as hypervisor makes it possible to segment the physical server and isolate each segment independently.

Virtual private hosting services offered by BEZA come with benefits such as better security and lower costs compared to shared hosting, user-friendly control panels for easy app installation and configuration, and more.

What is it used for?

Virtual private hosting works with Linux and Windows platforms. It allows you to host multiple sites and software applications without difficulty. Whether you’re hosting an e-commerce site, a blog, an extranet, or even a CRM, you can enjoy greater flexibility and control.

Because a VPS functions as an independent server, you’re given root access to be able to configure and install operating systems and applications of your choice. Furthermore, you won’t be required to do manual configuration anymore. You can easily customize your software through graphical user interface panels whenever needed.

Upgrade to VPS now! Contact us at BEZA and improve your business infrastructure with our Virtual Private Hosting Services. We also offer other solutions including Domain Names, Internet Marketing, Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Web Development, and SSL Certificate Security.

Fire Up Your VPS Server

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