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BEZA delivers quality service with…


Service Uptime

World Wide Data Centers


Customer Satisfaction



We have everything you’ll need to grow your business online, from website hosting to optimization.



Utilize the most advanced & secure data centers across the globe so your website loads faster & stays up.



No technical knowledge? No problem! Our 24×7 specialists will support you every step of the way.



Get an industry-specific professional web site that fits your brand and budget in as little as one week.

We help you with online business solutions, such as:

Offering domain name registrations in many common and new industry specific tlds

Domain Name Search

Your online presence starts with a domain name. Find the perfect domain for your business in seconds using our domain lookup tool. You can even get a free domain when you sign up for a hosting package.

Web Hosting

With BEZA website hosting, you get the most secure and advanced hosting options, thanks to our state-of-the-art data centers found across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This means your website stays up and available for customers and clients across the globe, 24/7. We’re constantly expanding; with a dozen more data centers set to open this year, we’re enabling our customers to choose a location that is closer to their target market. Our robust IT infrastructure also allows us to offer both Cloud Hosting and Shared Website Hosting. Not sure which option is for you? Our product experts can help guide you.

Cloud and Shared hosting that is powerful and afforable
Business website design services to grow & convert more customers

Website Design & Development

Don’t have a website yet? Have a website but it looks amateurish or outdated? No worries, we can design and develop a website that properly represents your business or brand. Want to create the website on your own? We also have several Do-It-Yourself (DIY) site builders that feature over 300 unique, professional, and customizable templates.

BEZA TurboCloud Site Accelerator

Give your website visitors the speed and user experience they deserve. With our BEZA TurboCloud technology, you can significantly decrease site load time via high-speed caching, sever offloading, and more—ensuring your users don’t get impatient as they view your pages. TurboCloud can also optimize your website and provide high-level security, including DoS attack prevention.

Make your website superfast and keep site visitors happy
Your website security is one of our primary mission

CMS, Site Protection, & More

With BEZA, you can also get your content management systems (CMS) powered by WordPress, dedicated and virtual private servers, SSL certificates, spam & virus blockers for your business email, intrusion prevention systems, and more! When we say complete online solutions for your business, we mean it. You can even earn extra by simply letting your friends know about us. You get paid every time they subscribe to a service using your code.

Solve Your Online Business Problems Today

BEZA is your partner for SMB and enterprise business solutions. From choosing your domain, to building your business website, to protecting your business online properties – we’re there for you. To learn more on how you can benefit from BEZA, call us toll-free at 1-800-505-9774.

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