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Our Data Centers with a Global footprint.

BEZA utilizes the worlds leading data center providers to solve complex needs for our customers across the globe. Our partners include Amazon AWS, Coresite, Equinix, Google Cloud, IBM, and Microsoft Azure – all global leaders in providing data center infrastructure. Our value is derived from offering customizable solutions and economy of scale so SMB can complete on equal footing with large enterprises.

Currently, we deliver web hosting solutions in over 35 data centers across the world. This past year, we successfully launched seven new locations and for 2016 we’re on target to add an additional 9 data centers this year to expand our presence in high growth areas to elevate our customers business success.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chennai, India

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Frankfurt, Germany

Hong Kong, China

Santa Carla, CA

Seattle, WA

London, England

Melbourne, Australia

Montreal, Canada

Paris, France

Querétaro, Mexico

San Jose, CA

Singapore, Singapore

Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

Washington, DC 1

  • Direct connect available to Amazon Web Services
  • Nine of the top 10 global CDNs located here
  • Directly connect to nine leading ad exchanges
  • Access to one of the top three peering and exchange markets, including the largest peering exchange on the U.S. East Coast
  • Provides connections to key metro areas such as Chicago, New York and London
  • Home to one of three GRX peering locations in the world

Washington, DC 2

Washington, DC 3

Milan, Italy

Paris, France

Sao Paulo, Brazil

All our data center facilities include:

n+1 UPS Battery Backup Units

Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression

n+1 Backup Power Generators

Multi-Level Access Control

n+1 Cooling Infrastructure

Data Center Location Server Capacity SpeedTest
(10MB Download)
(100MB Download)
Amsterdam 01, Netherlands 8,000+
Amsterdam 03, Netherlands 7,500+
Chennai, India (New) 9,000+
Dallas 01, USA 40,000+
Dallas 02, USA 19,000+ x x
Dallas 05, USA 16,000+
Dallas 06, USA 19,000+
Dallas 07, USA 5,500+
Dallas 09, USA 12,000+
Frankfurt, Germany 7,000+
Hong Kong, China 8,000+
Houston, USA 17,000+
London, England 8,000+
Melbourne, Australia 15,000+
Montrea, Canada 10,000+
Montrea, Canada 10,000+
Milan, Italy (New) 8,000+
Montreal, Canada (New) 10,000+
Paris, France (New) 10,000+
Queretaro, Mexico 10,000+
San Jose, USA 12,000+
Sao Paulo, Brazil 9,000+
Seattle, USA 10,000+
Singapore, Singapore 16,000+
Sydney, Australia 7,500+
Tokyo, Japan 8,000+
Toronto, Canada 12,000+
Washington, D.C. USA 12,000+
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