TurboCloud Makes Your Site as Fast and Safe as it Can Be

Complete Website Security and Acceleration made easy with no hardware or software to install.

What is TurboCloud?

At it’s core, BEZA TurboCloud is a powerful globally distributed reverse proxy, meaning that we cache our clients’ websites on our servers and then offload some of their traffic to those same caches. This reduces the burden placed on our clients’ servers, thus ensuring that each of their visitors can receive the user experience that our clients intended.

However, BEZA TurboCloud is so much more than that, seeing as how we have bundled our reverse proxy with other useful features such as acceleration, load balancing, and web application firewall. Better still, BEZA TurboCloud is set up as a cloud-based solution, meaning that our clients can come to us even when their websites are not hosted with us. All in exchange for a fair and reasonable price that should be affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses.


Here are the some of the benefits from using TurboCloud that you can expect for your website:

Superior Performance

Our caches undergo automatic rewriting to make them more useful as marketing tools, with examples ranging from the combining of CSS to the compression of images. This process makes the caches smaller in size and thus faster to load, which can have an enormous impact on their user experience. Even though each step is small and simple, their combined effect is impressive, so much so that our clients can expect somewhere between 40 to 80 percent improvement in the speed of their websites.


Superfast Globally Distrubuted


Image Optimization


Increase Website Speed


Optimize CSS & JS

Increased Reliability

Since traffic to our clients’ websites is spread out over multiple servers using cloud computing, problems with one server will not have a significant effect on the performance of said websites. Combined with other features such as server monitoring and management, this setup ensures that visitors can expect the same performance whenever and wherever. Even in the case of failure, having caches means that stale content can continue to be served up while the afflicted servers are being worked upon.


Cloud-based Technology


24/7 Global Monitoring


Highest Uptime


Auto-Scaling & Balancing

Better Security

Of course, no website can be considered reliable without excellent security, which is once again something that we have accounted for. Our features in this regard include but are not limited to protection from intrusions, DoS attacks, and XSS attacks. Furthermore, we take a proactive rather than reactive approach to web security, as seen in both our C&C blacklists and our threat control center. All of which combine to ensure that our clients’ websites run in as smooth and uninterrupted a manner as possible under the circumstances.


Powerful & Intelligent Website Firewall


Protection from DoS & DDoS Attacks


Protected by Intrusion Prevention Systems


XSS & SQL Injection Attack Proteciton


Why Should You Choose TurboCloud?

Grow Your Business Faster

The Internet has become more and more important as a marketing tool for even small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, the number of mobile users continues to rise, which makes it easier than ever before for consumers to research products and services online before making a purchase. Reduce website load-times.

Superior User Experience

This means that the right website can provide even small and medium-sized businesses with an enormous boost to their marketing. However, the need for the right website is easier pointed out than fulfilled, not least because such websites need to provide a superior user experience while being both reliable and secure.

No Software to Install or Setup

BEZA TurboCloud exists to provide our clients a much-needed helping hand with accelerating, optimizing and protecting their website. We take out all of the complicated and time-consuming challenge all three of these priorities pose to SMB and Enterprise customers. And deliver significant boost for their online success.

Sign up for BEZA TurboClould only takes minutes!


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