As technology continues to evolve, BEZA.NET is always investing in the latest technologies for the benefit of its clients. The company’s software engineers and developers have been working incessantly on the hosting platform upgrade and today we are pleased to announce the release of the latest Web Hosting Platform.

What is the Web Hosting Platform?

It’s the core cluster of technologies that function collectively enabling all the services a business requires to operate in a digital age. These include the following:

  • Business-class E-mail Hosting: This delivers premium spam and virus protection, secure and private e-mail, 99.9997% guaranteed delivery rate, and a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Secure Business Web Hosting: We ensure blazing fast web servers, a friendly hosting panel to manage multiple websites, and peace of mind knowing your website is protected by the latest technologies against attacks and hackers,
  • Enterprise Domain Names Services (DNS): Fast, powerful and secure DNS spread out across the globe using Anycast network technology. Built-in DNS security offering DDoS protection for domain resolution, built-in load-balancing, automatic failover and DNSSEC. All managed through a user-friendly management portal removing the technical barriers of entry to our Small-and-Medium Businesses (SMB) and nonprofit customers.
  • Multi-layered Security Services: Highly adaptable and constantly learning AI which protects our global networks, data centers, and customer hosted services against attack. We continue to invest in the latest cutting edge security technologies which ensure any attacks are stopped at the perimeter and never make it inside our networks.
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery: We operate 100’s of Terabytes of backups comprising of all of the services and customer’s data on a 7 nightly, 4 weekly’s and 4 monthly backups. That’s 15 backups which are rotated and spread out across two geographically dispersed regions in case of a disaster in one region. The Disaster Recovery plan outlines restoring all services for an impacted region within 1 to 4 hours.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support: All the above services can’t be possible without the hardworking and dedicated staff who monitor, troubleshoot and support our loyal customers 24 hours/day. Our 24/7/365 facilities operate out of 3 continents: the U.S., Asia and Europe.


Multiple Benefits

Major benefits for clients of this latest hosting upgrade include new control panel specifically for hosting functions as well as a brand-new client management area. Monthly bills of some clients may be reduced significantly because hosting packages have been condensed to only three plans.

No Limit Resources

BEZA.NET will also take this opportunity to introduce its new mailbox size that has no limits. This is considered a very useful feature since users don’t need to clean up their emails to accommodate incoming messages. We also introduce no limits on amount of data stored on your Website(s).

These plans contain five up to 20 times more resources compared to previous offering. Plus, numerous free add-ons such as Security Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, Nginx Web Server for ultra-fast website loading, and no limits on hosting resources.

Bandwidth (or Data Transfer) is the amount of information passing through the Internet connection from the hosted services out to the Internet.  Disk Space refers to the amount of data being stored on the hosting. These two resources will be billed at a fraction of a penny per MB above a plan allocation. The standard (flat) fee is $0.002/MB for bandwidth and $0.005/MB for disk space. This billing will only apply after a plan resource allocations have been consumed. For example, the Linux Professional plan offers 2GB of Disk Storage and 40GB of Bandwidth (ie Data Transfer) for $20/month. If a customer utilizes 3GB of Disk Storage for any month, then they’ll pay the standard monthly fee of $20/month plus $5.00 for the additional 1GB of Disk Space (ie 1,000MB x $0.005/MB).

Incidentally, this is the lowest cost and part of the company’s investment for the most recent technology platform. BEZA.NET adds more fiber capacity together with top-notch security to protect the online properties of users from cyber-attacks and ransomware. The latter is malicious software that blocks access to computer systems for data kidnapping or lock screen attacks.

Hosting Platform Upgrade Availability

All present customers of BEZA.NET can automatically avail of said improvements within the coming weeks. Each customer will be notified prior to being upgraded and provided access to the new Client Area. This in turn ensures complete management of such services without any downtime and adverse impact on client services.

What Next for BEZA.NET and its loyal patrons?

BEZA.NET does not stop in conducting research and development initiatives to improve clients’ user-experience. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge technology that will guarantee flawless business operations. As such, we’ll be releasing more capabilities and services in the coming months to benefit customers. We are dedicated to our clients’ business success!