We are happy to announce our monetary contribution to Children’s Hospital Foundation Race for Every Child 2016 which helped raise funds for Children’s National. Families count on Children’s National to help their children overcome major health challenges no matter their circumstances.

Children’s National relies on the generosity of others like BEZA with donations which help children receive world-class medical care and important services that are often not covered by insurance.

We’re fortunate to have been able to support Children’s National whose giving every child the best chance for a healthy life through care, research, and access.

Children’s National is one of the premier institutions focusing on pediatric treatment, research, and education. Their efforts not only benefit the children they treat directly, but also create a base of knowledge and expertise that other healthcare providers rely on for their most serious cases. Support from donors like BEZA ensures that this base will continue to grow and reach even more children in the years to come.

At BEZA.NET, helping others is a vital part of our philosophy. Every day, we work hard investing resources in the areas most important to our business, customers and our communities. We salute all of the people at Children’s National for their continued care and sacrifice to help the children and their families through life’s most challenging times.