Start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners, read this: It only takes as little as $5 per week to increase your sales!

Facebook is the most cost-effective option if you lack funds to advertise your brand, merchandise or service. Yes, you can boost your sales and ultimately your profits by using social media for advertising, marketing and promotions.

Here’s how to make the $5 work for you:

Grab the Attention of Facebook Users

Your post must grab the attention of the legions of Facebook users who are also your prospective customers. This is the cardinal rule of social media engagement but it requires some strategy, skills and a little bit of good fortune. Post enticing content with splendid images or video clips, accurate information, intriguing questions, and links to motivating articles. This is how you can build rapport as well as trust with your audience. You can even link these posts to your website.

Get More Likes and Engagement on Your Facebook Posts

Display your products because consumers will always look for tangible commodities. Facebook posts if accompanied by amazing images can easily fuel the senses and enthusiasm of people. As a result, you get more Likes and engagement on your Facebook posts. This can translate to clients in the long-term. Start with family members and friends, provided they are prospective patrons who are willing to engage with you. Avoid non-engaged Facebook fans because these can hurt instead of helping your page.

Boost Your Facebook Post

Boost whatever you post in Facebook especially if this is related to your business for several reasons. It is simple. You get instant results. And, it is not hard to measure these results. Boosting is straightforward since all you have to do is click the “Boost Post” list below your timeline. (Of course, be sure to set up your advertiser account with Facebook first.)

Enable Facebook Private Messages

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. This can be done through Facebook private messages. Just be certain that the message feature has been turned on. People will find it easy to send you messages through their desktop computers or mobile devices. They don’t have to send you email messages which many people find laborious. To turn on this feature, go the Admin Panel on top of your cover photo and click “Edit Page” before clicking on “Edit Settings.”

Engage with your Facebook Users

Finally, be sure to promptly answer any questions from your audience. Interaction is crucial since this is one way that consumers can relate to your brand. This is your own way of building customer service and increasing sales through Facebook.

To sum up, you can make significant strides in your small enterprise with some creativity and as little as five dollars for your Facebook sales campaign. Just follow the tips mentioned in this article if you are a small-scale business owner. For large-scale enterprises, you may need to purchase software for boosting information across thousands of Facebook conversations.

Overall, the marketing strategy here is plain and simple. Formulate a convincing message that will reverberate with your Facebook friends and fans and convert them to loyal customers in the long run.