Customers get mad for many reasons. This is a given in the business world. Some may be acceptable but others are simply unjustified. At the end of the day, business owners have no other choice but to respond with humility despite the insults or outburst because they are in the service industry. The key here is how to deal with a stressful situation properly and make it a WIN-WIN Situation for both parties.

Always take for granted customers have the right to get upset. Mistakes occur even if these were not made on purpose. Assess the merits of the person’s complaint while listening to this grumble. The shopper may feel deceived since the product or service does not conform to expectations.

Here are the top 5 pointers in managing displeased patrons even if these individuals are behaving unjustly:

  1. Calm down and remain pleasant. Once a customer starts to shout or talk loudly and becomes discourteous, it is not advisable to react in a similar way or become rude. Be polite and see to it that your voice is calm while talking to clients.
  2. Do not take things personally. People are not annoyed at the merchant or service provider but quality of service or merchandise. Let the customer vent his or her frustration and listen intently. Paying attention and showing that you care can help resolve the situation provided the person feels recognized. Ask questions for clarification about any grievances. This is a way of showing that you are a professional business person.
  3. Demonstrate your sympathy for the customer’s unpleasant experience. Showing respect and appreciation means you are sincere in addressing the problem. Speak in a soft voice even if the customer has become aggressive or obnoxious.
  4. Make sure to make an apology gracefully benignly. The customer’s complaint can be valid or not but this is not relevant anymore. It is important to apologize for the issue even if this is simply a perception and you are not at fault. All you need to make is one candid statement. Tell the customer that you are trying to find a solution so the customer will be happy in the end.
  5. Look for and offer a solution after finding out why the customer is displeased. Ask the person what he or she thinks should be done to resolve the problem. In most cases, this is what clients are looking for.

Once the concern has been settled, take some time out to reflect on the situation and how you were able to provide remedies. It could be a nerve-racking experience but you should not allow the stress to hang around. Consider this as another one of those unfortunate days. Tomorrow will be another day and you need to get involved with customers again.

Follow up with the customer a few days later by calling or sending an email to check in and ensure there are no other outstanding issues. Customers will appreciate your follow-up and it will show you care for them. This is one way of retaining loyal clients and getting new ones through referrals as a result of your expertise in customer management.