Security is a top priority for us here at BEZA.NET. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption. This means that people using our website, webmail, and accessing their hosting panel control, for example, automatically have a secure encrypted connection to their BEZA hosted services.

We offer FREE Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to all clients who subscribe to one of our web hosting packages. This is BEZA’s unique way of supporting the Let’s Encrypt Organization, a non-profit association that gives web users free SSL certificates. BEZA customers can easily acquire and activate SSL certificates with a simple click through their BEZA Hosting Control panel.

For the vast majority of business customers, the FREE SSL certificates not only achieve the goal of encrypting communication with their customers but also customers benefit from not having to expend additional funds to purchase a SSL certificate. On the other hand, for business customers who operate an e-commerce site or deal with sensitive information (financial, health, etc), we recommend a fully-validated SSL certificate, that contains your business name, address, etc.

What is SSL?

What Is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It serves as the cornerstone of a safe connection. SSL safeguards confidential information as it goes around different networks globally. An SSL certificate ensures confidentiality and data integrity for websites as well as personal information of users.

It is important to understand the SSL Certificate and its benefits. This digital certification is installed on your web server for two reasons:

  • To verify or confirm the website’s identity so visitors are assured it is not a spurious site.
  • To encrypt any transmitted data.

Which SSL Certificate Is Right For My Business?

At BEZA.NET, we offer three kinds of SSL certificate validations based on intended usage:



Is the basic and most economical form of protection designed for personal and hobby sites as well as small forums that require simple encryption. These include login details, forms and non-transactional data.


Organization Validated

Is the ideal protection for start-ups, small and medium-scale enterprises. It is easy on the pocket and used primarily for company validation. This validation is the best for websites with low-volume electronic-commerce transactions.



Has been proven to enhance confidence of customers. It is appropriate for medium to enterprise websites where visitor confidence is crucial. This is mandatory for sites with payment, online banking, and e-Commerce transactions.

When a web browser tries to connect to a website which is protected by SSL, a request is sent to the SSL certificate issuer  (referred to as the Certificate Authority) which confirms to the web browser if the SSL certificate is valid or not.  Web browsers warn potential visitors if the website is using an invalid SSL certificate, not from a trusted Certificate Authority source, or a SSL certificate has expired.

Benefits of SSL for the Business

  • SSL certificates secure logins and passwords of users.
  • It guarantees authentication. In short, the user knows valuable information is conveyed to the correct server and not fraudulent sites trying to pilfer your private details.
  • Google prefers sites that use SSL to protect site visitors. So this is a ranking factor which can benefit most businesses on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.
  • SSL assures business owners that private information like credit card details and other financial items are not seen by anyone else aside from the server where it is sent. It is a protection against identity thieves and hackers.
  • SSL helps websites to avoid being compromised by encrypting the data as it passes through the ISP, router or wireless network.
  • SSL promotes a trustworthy relationship between businesses and customers. The business owner who provides patrons with a sense of security helps ensure positive purchasing experience.
  • The certificate provides more power to the brand. The SSL seal is an indication that trusted encryption is practiced by the enterprise. This is an assurance the company’s information is totally secure while it travels around.

If your website is already serving HTTPS, you can test its security level and configuration with the Qualys Lab tool. This tool will test your website SSL certificate and server encryption level to ensure it meets best practices for encryption. A grade of “B” or better by the tool is considered fine for the vast majority of businesses (unless of course, your business handles sensitive information, then an “A” is the only way to go).

Make The Switch to HTTPS

Google prefers HTTPS. Aside from the SEO benefits, HTTPS will definitely secure your website. Always remember the primary reason for using HTTPS instead of HTTP is to guarantee protection for your website and visitors. Besides, HTTPS refers data along with other optimization techniques. We strongly suggest moving to HTTPS as soon as possible as the main barrier of entry used to the cost of acquiring a SSL certificate. With our support of Let’s Encrypt, we are able to remove that barrier and offer all hosting customers a FREE SSL certificate for every website hosted.

We see no reason why you should not shift to HTTPS. Give it a try and monitor your results to discover how it has impacted your SERP rankings. We are eager to learn the results as well. Please do not hesitate to give your comments.