Local customers must be able to find your website easily. This is why at BEZA.NET we build robust websites for our clients. We also make sure that you realize the value of accurate and healthy location data.

Unfortunately, many website owners take the importance of healthy data too lightly. Pay attention to this: Data health is not just reviewing local listings occasionally for correctness of names, addresses or phone numbers (also known as NAP). Healthy data is not simply about security. It also translates to an effective online marketing campaign.

Healthy Data

Healthy data provides a primary opportunity both for small businesses and enterprise brands to generate and secure more customers. Enterprise marketing is used to produce more leads compared to just maintaining a simple customer base. This approach is different from traditional marketing techniques. Healthy location data like Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) data is not only accurate but has a wider reach as well. It should also be shared across the entire search environment which covers mobile and voice searches.

The robust location data signifies a strong brand. In fact, one research revealed that brands were able to boost data health ratings by at least 20% while traffic to location pages went up by more than 400% and conversion rates improved by over 200%. Business entities that deal with location data as useful asset in marketing can successfully develop their brands.

How to have Healthy Location Data?

To have healthy location data, BEZA.NET recommends the following:

  • Create an identity that can be located without difficulty using correct information consisting of name, address, and contact number published on local listings.
  • Disseminate this data appropriately across your network where prospective customers make buying decisions.
  • Take into account the fact that publishers like Facebook and other prominent websites or programs drive search results to users even before searches are made.

Keep in mind that your website can be found ensuring your data is distributed across networks or making that information accessible to users. Enterprises need to evaluate the strength of their data every month based on local listings. Determine the completeness and accuracy of your data on local listings.

What about your network?

Monitor how well you share website NAP data with aggregators like Google, Facebook, Apple; open data platforms such as Factual; and, local search/discovery mobile app like Foursquare. Do you update these data amplifiers on a regular basis by making changes in your local listings?

Proper monitoring of data robustness will formulate the moves you have to make in responding to frequent changes in your ecosystems. See to it your location data is healthy at all times. Or else, you miss a great opportunity to produce more clients by means of location marketing.

BEZA.NET can help guide you through this process of achieving healthy location data and making your websites easily accessible to local customers.