SEO is not all about optimization. Does this statement make sense? Yes, it does! No matter how one tries to optimize all components of the website there will always be competitors elsewhere. It will be very difficult to dominate Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Yet, the key is to make search engine optimization work for you.

The question is how to control the very crucial first page of Google for your business?

  • Optimize your site properly. This is a no-brainer. See to it that essential SEO elements are present on all of your website pages like title tags that specify web page titles; header or H tags; and Meta descriptions which entice users on SERP to click on your website to learn more. The latter summarizes the entire content of your web page. Optimized data enables you to dictate what searchers see in your website. This is a chance to make a positive and long-lasting impression on visitors.
  • High-quality content is imperative. This is an important aspect of any SEO strategy. Content must be 100 percent original, informative and straight to the point. It should motivate readers to take action. With the perfect content, readers will get your message right away. Besides, quality links originate from quality content. It leads to better ranking and high conversion rate.
  • Focus on Social Media. Social media is a buzzword, a fad that is here to stay for some time. Google puts a lot of weight on social media networking sites. Your website can rank extremely well if your business utilizes one or more social media platforms to optimize company profile. Ideally, your social media plan or campaign should include customized profile of the business, company name and services offered. Google will know how to link those pages to your enterprise.
  • Come up with a business blog site. Search engines are fond of blogs and setting one up on your website improves SERP ranking so take this cue from them. The optimized blog is an effective technique in producing the right traffic to your site. In short, it is a useful tool for dictating search results.
  • Local SEO sites like Google Places can help. Google perceives these as trustworthy and pertinent to users so they frequently rank well. Online businesses can manage said listings effectively. Try to optimize the sites by providing detailed information and images of your organization with Rich Snippets, Schema & Microdata.

Concentrate on People

To dominate Google’s first page, savvy entrepreneurs and marketers must make it a point to concentrate on people. You have to convince them to read, appreciate and comment on your posts. Your primary goal is to drive the much-needed traffic continuously and improve your positioning in Google.

One reason why you may not rank is lack of knowledge or awareness. Search engine optimization is broad and complex. Use all the tools available to achieve your major objective. Take advantage of online resources so you can take control of a big portion of the first or even the whole page.

Google will keep on making changes but the fundamentals serve as the foundation of an online enterprise’s web-based activities. Follow the rules and you will find it less difficult to realize dominance in SERPs. This will not happen instantly. It may take some time for you to accomplish the target.