Who would know better than Search Engine Optimization experts about click-through rate  and page rank?

In SEO, Click-through Rate (CTR) refers to percentage of users clicking on a particular link vs total number of users viewing a web page. CTR is a standard for measuring the effectiveness of a website’s advertising campaign as well as keyword performance.

Page Rank on the other hand is a Google Search algorithm used by the search engine to rank different websites. It measures the value of web pages.

Ranking for Keywords

The argument on whether click-through rate is better than page rank brings us to the subject of keyword use. But, first it is necessary to understand the process of ranking for keywords in organic searches. It may not be possible to obtain results you want every time especially if your website is new and attempting to rank for popular keywords.

What are the techniques in ranking for keywords?

  • Your website must acquire more links and authority to become stronger. It should also follow the best practices of search engine optimization and webmaster guidelines of Google. To rank fast for a particular keyword, it will be useful to have a network where you can share content with. In SEO, this is known as relationship-building.
  • The next step is to perform a detailed keyword research. Look for keyword tools to get an idea of search volume for keywords and what competitors use before finalizing your choices. You will not surely target keywords with low search volume but avoid the keyword with very high volume as well. Select one that is applicable to your business brand and business.
  • Check out the competition. Find ways to become more unique in terms of titles and content. Look for other businesses that rank and how authoritative are their websites.
  • Determine the type of content appropriate for your keywords. Then, start conceptualizing your content. You can rank for keywords through blog posts, articles, product pages, videos, authoritative guides, and index of links.
  • Optimize for keywords while writing content. Leverage the keywords but make sure not to disobey Google rules.

Website Optimization

SEO can help you achieve the methods mentioned above. In addition, keep in mind that visitors to your website would like to see competitive keywords.

Keywords are essential since these are crucial so you will get to know prospective clients. The keyword serves as foundation for web content. Your topic links back to the selected keywords. It provides visitors with an insight about the web page.

Keywords also give a sense of purpose to your site visitors. Readers will browse through content for words they initially were looking for on Google Search or other search pages. Besides, pages are indexed based on keywords search engines look for in your website.

Now, your next concern is to establish how click-through rates affect search engine rankings?

Click-through rate are important in SEO. It is also essential to optimize for them using convincing title tags and correct Meta descriptions. However, CTRs may not affect your rankings in search engines directly. The key is to separate optimization of user experience from SEO strategies. Improve both aspects to produce the best results for your website.

BEZA.NET underscores the importance of click-through rates and page ranks. Regardless of which is more important than the other, these are among the cornerstones of Search Engine Optimization which are important to website owners as well.