Create social media images that will make an impact and boost your social media marketing efforts. This can be challenging and time-consuming but great images ensure your content reaches the maximum number of social media users.

Here are six tips from our Website Maintenance team, who manage hundreds of customers websites and social media campaigns, to help you produce terrific images for social media sharing:


Play with Colors Properly

Color is one of the most essential and complicated facets of social media design. It sets the appropriate tone, communicates ideas and emotions, and helps relive experiences from the past. Marketing experts say that nearly 90% of impulsive or spur-of-the-moment decisions about brands and products depend on colors alone. Make use of colors in social media images that will impress your target audience. There should be harmony of colors within these images.


Great Photos Capture Attention

Take photos even if you are not a professional photographer. Use your mobile phone and practice a lot until you become a good photographer. Natural sunlight is the best because artificial illumination tends to distort images. Besides, pictures with natural lighting allow images to share the vibrant story they were meant to share.


Beautiful Designs with Balance

Imagine balance as an important component of design that is quite difficult but worth the effort. Balance refers to visual symmetry or equilibrium. Stability is bringing together contrasting factors in any work of art. This produces visual permanence. Good images attain balance symmetrically or asymmetrically (unevenly). Symmetrical Balance means there is equal weight on equivalent sides of the central point. It is also known as formal balance. Bilateral symmetry is achieved if elements are positioned uniformly on both sides of the central vertical or horizontal axis. Follow these pointers about balance and you can achieve beautiful social media designs.


Remain Consistent

Content in your image and social media (FB or Twitter) copy must be similar if not the same. People will always click through if they find the text logical and informative. This is also one way of avoiding high bounce rates. At the same time, relate your images to the message you want to communicate. Images you want to share should be in agreement with the story you want to pass on to social media users.


Create Authentic & Remarkable Images

Photography should be exciting and bring pleasure to you. Capture images that are unique, engaging, colorful, and fun. Get some pointers from more experienced photographers. This can help you shoot authentic and remarkable images.


Use Persuasive Call-to-Actions

Urgency matters since social media moves at a rather quick pace. FB posts and Tweets do not really linger long in people’s minds before being pushed down and forgotten. Opt for persuasive language that will compel users to click right away. People will not automatically read and share your post so it pays to create a sense of importance in your shares.

Always remember the bottom line in creating awesome images for social media sharing. Get the attention of users from the very beginning. Focus on intriguing questions, breaking news, call to action and of course, compelling images that will beguile your audiences.

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