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Phase 1: Launching June 15, 2015

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on a technology solution to deliver super-fast website performance without any technical requirements from our customers. After months of development, testing and optimization, we are happy to announce the upcoming launch of the new Website Optimization service.

And here is the best part, existing hosting customers receive the new service at no additional cost.

The technology solution will be rolled out in three phases. Phase 1 which will be launching on June 15th, will incorporate the Google PageSpeed technology and a number of other enhancements to deliver highly optimized websites. With a 1-click activation via the BEZA Control Panel, your website will start getting optimized with no additional intervention on your part.

Rocket your website out of this world with BEZA Website Optimization

Benefits & Features

The PageSpeed technology is a suite of tools which optimize web page load-times. It achieves this by reducing the number of requests, optimizing cache and compressing content to significantly improve web performance and lead to a better user experience. The optimizations works for all web applications no matter what framework or language your website uses.

In our testing, we’ve seen over 400% improvement on website load-times and up to 150% on Google PageSpeed Insights scores. Not too bad considering it costs nothing (for hosting customers) and only took a click to enable it.

Latest Browser Technology

Optimize your site to deliver enhanced performance for Mobile & Desktop users

Accelerate Dynamic Content

Multi-tier optimization technology serves dynamic content superfast

Minimize Number of Requests

Combines multiple requests for website assets into one so site loads faster

Optimized Caching

Move your most used application’s data and logic to RAM memory & superfast SSD

Minimize Website Size

Compresses website assets with no loose to image quality or site functionality

Worry Less

Rest easy knowing your entire site is loading quickly to your site visitors around the world.

Phase 1 Website Optimization Launched