2016 has arrived. All of the BEZA.NET team presents you its best wishes for this new year. The past year, we’ve been busy working on expanding our service offerings and implementing the latest cutting edge technologies to better serve our business customers. But we’re not resting yet. For 2016, we’ve got some exciting plans of expanding and improving our service offerings to better serve our business customers across the globe.
To kick off 2016, we’re happy to announce a major upgrade to the BEZA.NET eMail Security Services (eSS). This service has been a huge hit with all of our customers over the years as it helps keep customers safe, productive and gives peace of mind.

And the best part is we’re giving eSS for FREE to all of our business customers.

If you’re tired of spam & junk email like we are, then you shouldn’t be without BEZA.NET eMail Security Services. So let’s usher in the new year with a fresh and clean inbox.

Wishing all a prosperous 2016 (except spammers & hackers)!

Stop Spam Before It Reaches Your Inbox!

Filter UNLIMITED email addresses

Professional Spam Filtering

Never miss an important email

No software or hardware to install

eSS Control Panel

Easy to use and powerful admin and user panel to customize eSS.

Report Spam Easily

If any spam message makes it past eSS, we’ve made it as simple as drag-and-drop the spam message to the eSS panel to report it as spam.

Detailed Performance Reports

See how well eSS is performing at any time with the built-in performance and accurate reports

BEZA.NET eMail Security Services (eSS) is a cloud hosted solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam, malware, spear-phishing, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your inbox or network. It’s a zero maintenance solution that protects email accounts, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and other hosted and on-premises email solutions. As a SaaS cloud solution, there is no hardware or software to install or maintain. All the scanning hardware and software is operated and maintained in the cloud at BEZA.NET secure data centers.

Stops spam and targeted attacks

  • Helps you reclaim productivity and bandwidth
  • Rated #1 for stopping spam and phishing attacks, achieving the highest catch rates in independent competitive tests
  • Blocks over 99%+ spam with no more than 0.003% false positives and zero email-based viruses
  • Protects organizations from spear-phishing and advanced targeted attacks

Saves time

  • Helps free your time so you can focus on business matters
  • Requires no maintenance since the eSS experts continuously implement all updates, patches, and hot fixes 24×7
  • Allows end users to manage the spam quarantine not IT staff

Gives you peace of mind

  • 100% service availability with no more than one minute of mail delivery latency
  • World-class data centers in North America
  • SaaS cloud-based global threat intelligence rapidly identifies new threats and continuously improves protection against known threats
  • 24×7 technical support that gives you extra peace of mind

See how easy it is to get started

Email is an important communication tool in business today. Today, the majority of email traffic is spam, malware or viruses. As spam continues to grow, traditional on-premises email security products are failing to keep up due to hardware capacity, ongoing tuning to catch new threats and having IT staff spend a greater percentage of each day maintaining, tuning and troubleshooting email issues. This is why more and more companies are opting out for a SaaS cloud based solution that doesn’t suffer from these limitations, lowers costs and delivers superior service.

  • BEZA.NET eMail Security Services requires no hardware or software to install and maintain.
  • Easy Deployment and Flexible Management Options
  • Customized Threat Filtering
  • Accelerates productivity
  • Has lower costs then Google or Microsoft
As a cloud hosted service, BEZA.NET eMail Security Services does not require additional hardware or software located on your premises. All the scanning hardware and software is operated and maintained offsite at BEZA.NET secure data centers.

To access your BEZA.NET eMail Security Services administration account, you only need a personal computer with Internet access. Supported browsers include Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 7.0 or later and Mozilla™ Firefox 2.2 or later.

How To Get Started?

Existing Customers

Existing hosting customers can simply login to their BEZA.NET Control Panel and select eMail Security Services under Email section to activate.

New Customers

New customers can simply sign-up and update their DNS mail exchange record (MX host record) to the eSS network. No software to install or configure!
Have questions about BEZA.NET eMail Security Services (eSS)? Contact us at 1-800-505-9774 or Chat LIVE with a one of our web specialists.