Last year was a big year at BEZA and this year is going to be even Bigger!

2015 was a big year for BEZA as we continued to expand our services to better serve business customers across the globe. And we’re not slowing down for 2016. With only a few weeks into the New Year, we’re continuing on our mission to deliver world-class service and support.

BEZA eSS Upgrade Complete

To kick off 2016, we’re happy to announce the completion of a major upgrade to the BEZA eSS. This service has been a huge hit with all of our customers over the years as it helps keep customers safe, productive…

New WebMail Pro

In 2015, we launched the new WebMail Pro app offering e-mail, calendar, contacts and file sharing capabilities. And as always, we’re delivering great value by offering BEZA WebMail Pro suite app for FREE to all…

Expanding Partnerships

Our partnerships grew with leading technology firms to help build a better web experience with Amazon, CloudFlare, Google, and Microsoft. We’ve built an efficient technology platform which is lower to run and….

Europe Support Center Now Open

In 2015, we’ve expanded from our U.S. 24/7 phone support and opened a new support center in Germany to better serve our European customers. For 2016, we’re working on expanding our support center to Asia….

Website Optimization

After the launch of BEZA Website Optimization technology in 2015, for 2016 we’re working on adding more features to the app management with technology to make websites even more faster…

Global Expansion

We added seven new locations to our growing cloud footprint of data centers worldwide. These new data centers are providing customers with even more control over where their data resides and how quickly they can get it to end users…

Thank you for using BEZA. Last year was great. We hope to bring you even more value in the year ahead. If you’d like to sign up for similar updates on a regular basis, you can subscribe to our blog.