Reliable and Secure Servers

One of the prerequisites of a stable website is a secure and reliable server to run your business various services. When in the market for hosting services, you will have to choose among Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Shared Servers, and Server Colocation.

Ultimate performance for your Business

Configure Your Server To Your Exact Specifications

At BEZA, we offer different types of servers to meet your needs. We provide your business with server solutions that deliver the raw horsepower you demand for your processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads. Our server options include the following:

Dedicated Server

This option lets you enjoy the full benefits of having your own server without the hassle of physically maintaining one. As you won’t be sharing it with anyone else, you can rest assured that no unauthorized person can access your data but you and your team. You get full control of the server, including the type of operating system you’re going to use. You can conveniently choose between Linux hosting packages or Windows hosting packages with this type of server.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer the features of a dedicated server in a shared environment. They are perfect for mid-sized websites that do not use as much resource as enterprise web applications. Although a VPS is in a shared environment, it has its own resources and operating system. Furthermore, you have full root access to the server. This means you can configure your hosting environment to meet your requirements. You can also reboot the server and perform other operations independently without affecting other virtual machines in the server. VPS hosting is a practical choice for those who want a more powerful service than a shared hosting but don’t require the resources and features a dedicated server provides.


Colocation is perfect for companies that want to enjoy the benefits of a large IT department at an affordable price. BEZA offers a cost-effective solution by offering world-class facilities, exceptional security features, and premium support for all types of businesses. We offer colocation space at any Equinix data center across the country.

Equinix IBX architectures and high-level security lets you perform mission-critical online operations securely and at cutting-edge speed. With round-the-clock CCTV monitoring and controlled access points, the data center provides multi-level physical security. Additionally, cabinet locations are built to allow direct access to the data distribution system, delivering an unlimited number of interconnections at any speed.

High Performance & Secure Servers

We deliver high performance, secure servers in over 28 data centers across the globe to deliver more flexibility, power, and transparency. When you need a top-quality Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Colocation services, you want a BEZA Server Solution to run your business mission-critical applications.